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Tomayto or Tomahto?

One of the MOST debating terminology in the 'GHOST HUNTING' errr... 'PARANORMAL INVESTIGATING'... (sure) realm. "What should we be called?"

Why did I title this piece 'Tomayto or Tomahto?'

Good question! I mean... there is a clear difference, in definition, on WHICH makes more sense to YOU. Right? Let's break down 'HUNTER!' That TERM insights GATHERER, COLLECTOR (perhaps PROVIDER!?) - we don't do that... right? (insert winky-face)

And 'GHOST.' Sooo... that's 'just' an empty shell of once-was - it accompanies 'HAUNTING' well. You know... a playback from the past. A repeating imprint that carries NO interaction with surrounding environments. We TOTALLY don't enjoy pursuing unintelligent energy... right?

One argument includes - "We're NOT hunting people, so I don't like that title..."

Well... you're NOT. You're hunting a NATURAL-WORLD movie. A Ghost. No harm done... right? Ahh, I know what you prefer!

Yassss... on to the popular choice... paranormal investigator!! 'PARANORMAL.' Literally means 'beyond normal.' Traditional-known science cannot quantify the outcomes on a repeatable basis; deeming 'it' inconclusive... therefore, per popular-skeptical-belief, it does not exist.

Now, we're smarter than that. We know there is value in the work we do - field/research wise. We analyze. We duplicate - to the best of our known (or experimental) abilities. Maybe we dabble in UFOLOGY or CRYPTOZOOLOGY, too? I don't - I am GHOST 24/7. But I am not you... perhaps you do? That's cool.

Cool as an 'INVESTIGATOR.' A real, "PRIVATE-EYE." I ran into some DICKS before... 'just' say'n.

Ok ok ok; we ALL know 'ultimately' what the TERM means. We work REALLY REALLY hard on/off-sites to conduct our... 'investigations.' What's that mean exactly? When I FIRST STARTED: After I did the initial interview (keeping my team blind from ANY info I'd gather), I used to go to the county clerk's office to get a printout of the historical-ownership-data for the site-of-interest. After that; I'd interview NEIGHBORS (yeah... see how 'cray-cray' Old-Man Watson really is). Then I'd go over historical data - folklore data - library 'moments' around 'dates-of-interest,' then lastly - local cemetery scans for markers-of-interest.

Interesting huh? Seems like a lot of work. #SPOILER I don't do THAT MUCH treading anymore (it's not 2000's anymore, we have Wikipedia lol [joke...]). Mind you; I haven't even STARTED the on-site portion. Which included camera shots, EVP session setup/deploy, & DOCUMENTATION (documentation, documentation...). With other RANDO-TOOLS for 'experimental-flair.'

To me... back in 1999, 'INVESTIGATION' meant it all. The phenomena, the physical-case, and mental well-being of the client. That's A LOT OF WORK. Yeah... - I don't have time for that noise, now.

Throughout my time I realized this - we ALL want to be respected... with fancy titles. I get it - truly. But what separates you from GHOST HUNTER | PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR? Do you know? 'Society' likes to help a bit, in this category, too. What are the CORE consistent behaviors that negate one from the other? You've NEVER 'just' tested a new equipment piece? Stood as an invitee to another 'group's' event with no intent to LEAVE the work for the others'?

Don't WATER-DOWN your work with focusing on THIS/THAT. 'Just' DO. My focus adapts to the location-of-interest - if I need to 'HUNT' (a spirit), and/or research an action-item or 2 - I do. All of our focuses should be unified to ONE-GOAL:


The ONLY disrespect 'known' should STAY in the mind of the oppressor - leaving our work focused and progressive. Let's continue to be REAL. GHOST HUNTER is MARKETABLE, while PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR is fancy.

Call me a "SPECTRAL MASSEUSE," and I'll promise you one thing - my WORK is not going to be degraded, or transition to match the title. Again - NOT what we are called... how we conduct ourselves. I'm an AFTER-LIFE RESEARCHER. How about you; 'Tomayto or Tomahto?'

What do you prefer to title yourself? Do you agree with this BLOG? Share your comments!

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