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After a loved one dies, many people see "ghosts".

The dead are all around us, that much is evident for many.

They (people or pets) remain in our hearts after crossing over and in the forefront of our memories and in our senses: sight, sound, scent, brief tactile contact or "presence".

I'm going to take a minute to explain that these experiences occur for most people, and a majority of those people will dismiss these experiences as 'imagination' or 'stress-induced hallucinations'.

As I began this post, I mentioned that "After a loved one dies: (pet, family member, spouse, significant other) many people see ghosts."

Often, and incorrectly they will attribute the 'feeling' and 'seeing' of their loved one's presence, to their grief, thinking them to be hallucinations, imaginings, etc.

They're not.

Here's my theory:

While that may be the case for some, take this into consideration: if your loved one, human or animal while alive happened to catch you alone and in obvious distress, don't you think they would try to comfort you?

They would definitely hang around to make sure you were better, then...I don't know, go watch a film, surf the web, use their litter box... whatever.

I believe that a person who's grieving, who is in debilitating emotional pain can and will be comforted by their loved one.

Interestingly enough- I'm sure that as grief dissipates, so does their presence.

Their familiar scent, and touches- seeing them will become less frequent.

The grief soon gives way to memories that are at first bittersweet: you remember the good times fondly and also perhaps experience guilt at the memories that aren't as pleasant:

arguments, petty squabbles, etc. that you regret.

It's normal to feel that way, and fortunately it's temporary.

The bittersweet memories become good ones, you remember your loved one fondly: the hugs, time together, and release the not so pleasant memories: your animal peeing all over the place; arguments escalating into full-blown fights, etc.

The dead are all around us.

Remember that some of them even care for you.

I've experienced this personally, with my first significant other-and I want you know:

Love transcends death.

#Death #Grief #Love #Transcendence

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