"One need not be a chamber to be haunted." -Emily Dickinson

Do certain people attract ghosts/spirits?

While this can be answered as a simple yes or no question, there's more to it than that.

I don't mean 'attract' as in running around an allegedly 'haunted' location, talking to yourself hoping to get a response.

Let me give you an example: Let's say you were moving in with someone (who happens to be a skeptic) and their home that they've lived in for 20+ years has never had any sort of activity.

Here's my STORY.

I move in, everything's fine, then one day I hear a door slam shut.

I know what you're thinking: "A window must have been left open and blew the door shut."

That would be the most rational answer, and one I've heard SO many times before.

Now what would you think if I were to tell you that it was in the middle of August in Connecticut, notorious for hot, humid, and most importantly - 'still' air. No breeze.

Nothing to explain how a door slams shut with a considerable amount of force.

Fast Forward a couple of weeks - During breakfast my partner mentions having a strange dream.

He tells me that he thinks he dreamt he woke up at around two (2) or three (3) in the morning, looked over and saw something. (I'll get to what that was shortly)

Something with a wolf's head and from it's shoulders a smoky, constantly shifting 'body' for lack of a better word - above mine... the wolf's head just looking down at you.

He chalks it up to an odd dream - I'm thinking 'WTF' and consult with one of the few people I trust implicitly, April Slaughter. She asked if I had any Native American ancestry (I don't), but never felt anything but safe in my 'new' living situation. It's been seen occasionally - especially during times of extreme anxiety or duress.

After quite a bit of research; it's been determined to be a guardian spirit - in animal form which isn't all that common, I've found.

Here's a bit on the protective nature of the wolf as an animal guardian:

"Within Celtic mythology, the wolf was revered as the companion of Cerridwen, goddess of the Moon and fertility. The wolf was also one of the four sacred animals of the goddess Brighid. What's more, the wolf has the status of being one of the totem guardians of Britain."

Weeks passed, then months.

Doors mysteriously opening and closing. Hiking boots and wellies rearranged in the mud room, shadows seen in the corner of the eye moving about. Nothing too exciting - however, I did bring home a (phantom) hitchhiker after visiting the Union Cemetery in Easton, CT. She was a bit negative and hostile, however she didn't stay long.

Frank's Box #38 came into my hands, built by Frank Sumption - I consider him the pioneer of ITC, and his boxes are fickle. Usually they 'imprint' or, will ONLY work for one person.

Now - after using the box several times, there was a noticeable increase in activity; rapid temperature change. It got to the point where the box became difficult to interpret, as several beings would try to communicate at the same time.

So - back to the topic at hand: Do certain people attract spirits?

From personal experience, and talking to others I'd have to say the answer is yes.

Yes. Certain people attract spirits more than others. And certain objects attract them, too. Once they know you can sense, hear and acknowledge them; you become a sort of beacon - attracting them.

I'm not an 'EMPATH' (very few people really are), I'm definitely not 'clairvoyant' nor am I a 'psychic' by any means. I will claim 'clairsentience' and 'psychometery...' and I'll have more on that soon...

Thanks for reading.

If you have any suggestions and/or inquiries; please shoot me an email: marc@ghostcrier.com

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